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Reservation cancellations and transfers;

You can use the “My Reservation” tab on our website to cancel or transfer your transfers.

If your transfer date is over cancellation date (see below) then the specific percentage (see below) will be debited from your payment and you will be refunded the existing amount of your payment. If the transfer date is less than the cancellation date (see below) then we will not refund your payment. After your cancellation you have to inform us by sending an email to Grandrezervasyon@gmail.com. *

Any costs incurred in making the refund will be paid by the customer.

If your transfer time is less than the time (see below) then you can not make any changes to your departure time. Other wise if your transfer time is more than the time you have the chance to make updates.

Cancellation time period: 1 Day(s)

Penalty rate for the reservation that is canceled after over time: 10%

Update time period: 24 hour